Forum Title: Carpet seam showing after one month
Hello, I had carpet installed by a local, independent contractor (professional guy, flooring is his full time business). I bought a high quality carpet and padding (links below). He wasn't the cheapest, wasn't the most expensive, but seemed fair. It's been about one month and the seam in the living room is showing, and I'm concerned it will get worse over time. The carpet that was in there before was a similar style, but much older and i had no idea where the seam was until he ripped it out. I plan to contact him about this... see if there is anything that can be done. But I want to be reasonable with my requests. In your professional opinion, was this installer error? What would you do if you were the contractor in this situation? Can it be fixed? or would it require buying new carpet and starting over? Thanks in advance. Materials: Carpet:Mohawk True Appeal Plush Carpet Padding:Future Foam Future Guard 7/16 Thick 8lb. Density Carpet Pad
Category: Carpet Post By: ANDRE MCDANIEL (Santa Fe, NM), 02/04/2019

Was the previous seam running in same direction across the sunlight? Was previous carpet darker?

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Glendale, CA), 04/23/2019

The light is definitely playing havoc with it. But it also looks like he may have a little ledging in the seam[ the backings are not marrying up at the very same height] The way to tell is take and run an awl perpendicular to the seam and see if you can feel it hit. Chances are though with a little trimming it will be less noticeable. Remember a seam is a defect as we say the installer can't make it marry up like it is woven together. Also the light is showing the profile of the tape which kind of makes the carpet rise up just a bit and cause a shadow on the back side. Easies way to see what I'm talking about is take a pen and lay it in the light the same direction as the seam. See the shaow? Then lay the pen lengthwise to the light. No shadow. I hope this helps and again I think it can be fixed with minimal effort. Daris

- TOMMY FOWLER (Kenosha, WI), 04/06/2019

Mike Antonetti said: ? Was the previous seam running in same direction across the sunlight? Was previous carpet darker?Click to expand... The previous seam was in about the same spot. I can see the seam at all times of day, sunlight or not. The previous carpet was about the same shade, but not as.... shiny? if that makes sense.

- RONALD LOPEZ (Bedford, TX), 04/06/2019

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