Forum Title: New construction - squeeks under carpet everywhere
We've lived in it for about a year and a half and it's under warranty for a few more years. I've had the warranty guy here multiple times to address particular squeaks, which means he just installs a screw thru the carpet (which means now we're walking on something bumpy there). There's at least 3 more squeaks I need to call him for. But my question is, is this acceptable for a new house? I have a feeling the floors were not installed properly in the first place and this isn't just settling. But I really don't know the first thing about this. They went cheap on other finishes too, which makes me think they cut corners with this too. I've walked thru plenty of new houses and old houses that do not have squeaking like this. Do you suppose I have any recourse with the builder?
Category: Carpet Post By: NINA HARDY (San Diego, CA), 01/22/2019

Who is the builder? D.R. Horton? They will just keep putting screws in until your warranty is up. Renaissance builds a better house but it?s still a new house and by that I mean that nobody builds anything like they used to. If I was you I?d just deal with the squeaks until you replace the carpet. You can screw down the floor at that time.

- NATHAN SILVA (Kansas City, MO), 04/30/2019

The trouble with squeaks is that often times they travel. In other words if they are rectified in one area they will pop up in another. Sometimes shimming from underneath is better than fastening from the top side. The variables are many.

- BRETT RHODES (Pueblo, CO), 03/27/2019

There are screws that are designed to snap off at the floor level so you shouldn't feel a bump. Also sometimes it is not the floor squeaking. The floor itself is moving on a nail hidden in the wall to hold the wall in place. Found this many times over the years. But again it could be the floor. Is there any way you can look up from the bottom side and see if they just missed the joist with a nail and it is rubbing. You don't say what you have for floor joists, whether they are 2x or truss type joists. Daris

- CLAUDE TERRY (Killeen, TX), 04/20/2019

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