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I'm looking to purchase carpet which will be used as a rug. We have 3 boys and a Great Dane. The rug is under our dining table, but the area is also a walkthrough to the open-concept living/dining/kitchen area. So, the parts of the rug that aren't under the table/chairs do get walked on quite a bit. This is a high traffic area, but we also eat at the table several times a week. The rug does not need to be soft, but it does need to be extremely durable and stain tough! I like the Europa because it's pretty and has a nice design. This is the area of our house that everyone sees, and all of our decor is established in this area. It is more expensive, though, yet not out of the budget. I like the Smartstrand because it seems to be more stain resistant than the nylon. I like the pattern but not as much. Anyway, here's the specs of the two carpets we are looking at: Mohawk Smartstrand Forever Clean-Corning Acres: 100% SmartStrand Silk BCF Triexta with Dupont Sorona AndersonTuftex-Europa: 100% StainMaster Luxerell BCF Nylon Nevertheless, if there is something better for our situation, please offer a suggestion. The carpet world is so confusing, and it's difficult to compare. Some quote square yard, others square foot. The colors, names, styles, and SKU numbers change, so it's almost impossible to compare from store to store. Whatever you can offer would be appreciated! Thanks!
Category: Carpet Post By: RITA PATTERSON (Deerfield Beach, FL), 01/11/2019

just talking out of my butt here, but I would lean towards the Mohawk. Now I can't rattle off product names or lines like some of these fellows can ( carpet guru's ) but from working with a multitude of both tuftex and Mohawk carpets I have to say that the tuftex seems a lot less resiliant. That and I'm truly impressed with the Mohawk products I have worked with. ...again, take it with a grain of salt. It's just my personal experience. Word of truth, I haven't even looked at the 2 carpets you are looking at. This is just from personal brand experience.

- ANDY FITZGERALD (North Las Vegas, NV), 03/15/2019

Mark Brown said: ? ...I haven't even looked at the 2 carpets you are looking at.Click to expand... I edited the OP to include links to the mentioned carpets.

- DIANE TORRES (Missouri City, TX), 05/04/2019

Jim McClain said: ? I edited the OP to include links to the mentioned carpets.Click to expand... Oh that's awesome. Thanks!

- VANESSA CALDWELL (Fort Myers, FL), 05/06/2019

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